Full Service Call Center
We answer your phones and dispatch the trips.
Hosted Operations
Use our servers and software to take calls and dispatch trips.
Many Ways to Book Trips
  • Smart Phone Applications
  • SMS Text
  • Websites
  • Telephone IVR
Cashiering and Billing
Trips and credit cards are handled accurately and consistently, making driver cashiering faster and much more accurate.
CCSi is a full-service call center that caters to taxi companies nationwide. Among some of its services, CCSi takes customer calls, dispatches taxis, and provides back office functions.

This is how it works:  When a customer calls for a taxi, a customer service agent in CCSi's call center enters the information into the scheduling system. Calls can be taken for immediate service or scheduled for future service. When the call is ready to be dispatched, CCSi's software locates the closest cab in your fleet and sends a service request to the driver. It is an almost seamless, foolproof process.
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