Full Service Call Center
We answer your phones and dispatch the trips.
Hosted Operations
Use our servers and software to take calls and dispatch trips.
Many Ways to Book Trips
  • Smart Phone Applications
  • SMS Text
  • Websites
  • Telephone IVR
Cashiering and Billing
Trips and credit cards are handled accurately and consistently, making driver cashiering faster and much more accurate.
Unlike traditional dispatch system providers where you purchase or lease all the equipment and train the staff to use it, CCSi offers full-service, turnkey reservation, dispatch and back office services by providing computer hardware, software and personnel. A typical CCSi client takes advantage of the following services:
Call Taking
CCSi staff handles all incoming telephone calls, enters new reservations and looks up information about existing reservations using CCSi’s own best in class, Microsoft Windows based, VB.NET software. CCSi’s software is fully integrated with its telephone switch. The result is 100% guarantee that the fleet that owns the telephone number called by the customer receives the reservation. Using customer’s telephone number, CCSi software displays the customer’s address and any special instructions if the customer has called us before. The software alerts the CSA if a reservation has been entered from the same address or telephone number within the past hour to prevent duplicate trips and also to expedite callback handling by displaying the map showing the customer’s pickup address, the location of the vehicle assigned to the customer and the distance between the two points. It is not unusual for CCSi customers to call back and be told by the CSA to look outside and to their amazement they see a taxi pulling up. CCSi has developed and is currently using IVR technology to allow bars/restaurants and hotels to reserve taxis without speaking with a CSA. Another application, called Auto CSA, intercepts customers who are on hold and have previously called CCSi and gives them a choice to place their reservation for the address their phone number is associated with without speaking with a CSA. We also provide taxi reservation services through RideCharge web and iPhone reservations, through SMS texting from cell phone via GoFastCab.com and through CCSi’s own SMS short code (469222, www.4MyCab.com) and smart phone apps.
Dispatch Services
CCSi dispatchers handle monitoring of fleet performance, attend to any problems arising from servicing calls, communicate with drivers about any issues they might be having, tracking trips that are out of performance parameters. CCSi’s software tools allow dispatchers to efficiently perform all the necessary functions to provide superior service to passengers and drivers.
Mobile Data Computer (MDC)
Although the CCSi dispatch software supports legacy MDCs from QSI and Mobile Knowledge, RIM Blackberry over Sprint/Nextel network or a Motorola Clutch full keyboard cell phone, next generation devices are replacing those. Your fleet can now use any Android device (phone or tablet) and we also offer an Android based 8″ MDC with extensive features built in. The main advantages of this approach are low upfront cost for the equipment and low monthly communication costs, without investment in base sites and base station equipment. CCSi developed software for the Blackberry/cell phone/tablet to tightly integrate with the dispatch software providing closest cab dispatch utilizing internal GPS device, zone based dispatching if so desired, real time driving directions from Mapquest, extremely fast Internet-based credit card authorization and support for Taxicard, interface to Centrodyne meters and an ingenious way to ensure that the Blackberry stops operating when taken more than 30 feet away from the taxi meter.
Internet Presence
CCSi develops and supports web sites for its clients allowing customers to obtain fare estimates, enter reservations and track their taxi on the Internet. In addition, if using CCSi’s back office solutions, client’s corporate and government accounts can perform these activities as well and view their invoices, download invoice detail and view scanned images of vouchers. You can take a test ride at www.877yellowcab.com .
Reporting, Supervision and Training
CCSi prides itself on continuously monitoring and improving the quality of work product of its employees. The advanced telephone switch allows supervisors to monitor, coach and join CSAs in real time. Software integrated incident monitoring and reporting software captures CSA mistakes and reports on them so that supervisors can review those mistakes with the CSAs on a weekly basis. Various bonus programs encourage employees to strive for high quality product. Our data analyst generates client specific reports on daily and weekly basis to track trends and provide tools to driver managers to correct undesirable driver behavior.
If these services are of interest to you, may we suggest an on-site visit to our facility in St. George, Utah, less than a 2 hour drive north from Las Vegas. Let us show you the tools we use to handle over 70,000 telephone calls per week. Everybody who comes to visit our site walks away with great ideas on how to improve their business, even if they do not end up being out client. It is a very worthwhile trip.